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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 25, 2012, 2:48 PM

So I needed to update because I haven't updated.

I'm all moved in here at Georgia Tech. Not much to say, really. My roommates are nice. I'm in a triple. The housing website doesn't actually list triples as existing, because there are so few, I guess. I was put in randomly with a 3rd person who me and my original roommate never requested. But it's all good. Because triples aren't on the map, the sizes aren't standard: aka, our room is HUUUGE. It's amazing.

My dorm is at the end of frat row, so it was pretty loud last night (Friday night) until about 3am. The cops kept driving by and whooping.
I've made some friends. Not a lot, but a few.
My schedule is all in the morning, so I have afternoons free on most days. All of my AP credits brought me out of my freshman year. I'm a sophomore. Yeah!
Don't worry. I'll probably still be here for 5 years.

Speaking of which, everyone is required to take Calc 2 (which is Calc 3 in most schools) to graduate. And it's harddddddd. I got a 5 on the Calc BC exam so I'm here and dying. But we've been told multiple times don't retake Calc 1, because Calc 2 is gonna be new material either way. (So if anyone is good at calculus [we're not doing diff eqs or linear algebra yet,] lemme know. I'd love you forever.)

I sleep a lot here. It's probably gonna rain later.

I people forget that I come from Colorado. I have no clue how intense weather is. We just get snow dumps and tornadoes. Not really rain. Someone save me. I'm afraid of drowning. I can't swim. ;__;

So here, I'll post some photos I took.

This is the view from behind my dorm. ATLANTA!

Here is our super huge room before we cleaned and rearranged.

And yes, before you ask, I brought my fish. I didn't want to be lonely... true story.

Also guys go follow me on Tumblr. (See link at top.) I'm much more active there. Not necessarily productive, but active. And I post my cosplay photos never before seen~

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Starting Over

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 29, 2012, 2:42 PM

I'm currently working on packing up all my clothes for college. Classes don't start until the 20th and I move in on the 10th, but I'm leaving this Saturday, August 4th. I'll arrive on the 7th and then chill at a hotel or something.

My boyfriend of almost 2 years (but has actually felt like forever) and I decided to call it quits due to my moving. I don't want to try and uphold a long distance relationship. I think it will probably be the best for both of us. Despite ending on good terms, I feel like total crap. I'm sick to my stomach and I've had an ongoing headache since then. Heartache isn't so much as it is physically tolling on me.

I'm leaving all of my costumes behind and I'm going to be starting out new in Atlanta. Clean slate. Which I've also whipped up a big new list of costumes I want to do (to go along with the rest of my list.)
I will now list them in sprite form! Complements of Google image searching.

Etna and Flonne from Disgaea, Elesa from Pokemon Black and White, and Fate Testarossa from Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha or something like that.

I would also like to say that I am selling Mr. Mushrooms, my Zangoose fursuit. $475 will get you the whole set. Note me if interested. Paypal or cash only.

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Nightmare in Aurora

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 20, 2012, 8:49 PM

I never would have thought my small little town would have made the national news.

The theater the Batman Massacre occurred in was a theater I had been to many times before. It was the theater I saw my first movie in. A Bugs Life so many years ago.

It's right across the street from the mall.
The mall I took the foreign exchange students to telling them I loved the store there.
The mall I bought my prom dress at back in May.

The mall the Pokemon Black and White tour was in a few years ago.

It's a block north of the arcade I used to visit so often and occasionally would help out. The arcade that so many of my friends work at.

It's just up the road and around the corner from the school I took the ACT at. The school so many of my friends graduated from. The school that people were taken to after the shooting.

(The photo is from MSNBC but has my friends in it.)

The shooter was a student at the University that I used to work part time at during the summers. They shut down some of the main buildings today. Also weird to think of.

Most of all, it took place in the town I've called home for the majority of my life. I was not born here, but I've been here for 17 years and I'm proud to call Aurora my home.

I'm really torn up about this. It's incredibly surreal. I'm incredibly grateful that I was not there that night. I'm incredibly grateful that all my friends decided to go to a different theater or not go at all. But I'm incredibly disheartened to think that anyone would do such a thing. It's weird to think that it happened so close to home. To a place that's in my earliest memories. During A Bug's Life premier, I remember being excited. Why would my parents take me anywhere at night? (You have to remember that I was 5-ish.) I remember the bright lights that towered high over the Century 16 Theater. The same lights seen in the helicopter footage on the news and in news story photos.

I'm really just having a hard time wrapping my head around this.

My entire heart goes out to all of the shooting victims and their friends and families. 12 dead and 71 injured, I can't even believe it. I hope that you can all pray or keep these people in your thoughts.
The #BaleOutAurora thing is cute, but if you'd really like to help, make care packages or write cards. Last I heard, the blood supply is stable so we don't need too many donors, but if you're A- or O, we'd be very appreciative if you donated.
I'd like to thank the rest of the world for all of their support for our community at this time. I can't believe such a horrible thing has happened and I plan on helping out in any way I can.

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Anime Expo Update

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 4, 2012, 3:35 PM

Before I post anything, I'd like to say that I'm working on my cosplay based Tumblr and Facebook account, so you guys should go follow and like me. See above. Thanks. <3

I will now attempt to present an update about Anime Expo. Pictures will be linked at the bottom.

Wednesday - Meet everyone at the airport in Denver. Lecture one of our group members about the importance of putting things that look like gel into ziplocked bags. Fly to LA. Flight was very nice. I took a window seat to take photos of the fire but didn't really see much at all. Check into hotel. X Game folk everywhere. I gave them too much credit. I thought they'd be alright and tolerable. But many of them were very, very rude, and I was disappointed to say the least. We met 2 of our other roommates who flew in from Maryland. Spoiler: I didn't hang out with them really at all since they were in the other room, but they seemed nice and if I can find one of their deviantARTs I will post it because they sold very successfully in the artist alley.

Thursday, Day 0 - Wake up at 630, get in line at 7. Line is already wrapped around the front of the convention center. We're probably number 250ish or so in line? After about an hour, we decide we want chairs so we (me, Danny, and Mark) venture off into the great city of LA to find chairs. We find Home Depot way on the other side of the freeway and buy 3 chairs and 2 boxes of soda. It was about a 5 hour walk in total. It's all good. We had hoped to sell the chairs afterward but no one wanted them (surprising!) I gave mine to a homeless dude who was just chilling around not bothering anyone. We chilled in line all day and ordered pizza. After staying in line for 8 hours we got our badges. Then we all went swimming and met our new room mate who flew in that day, Almond. He stayed in my room. He was very nice and liked to shower a lot. He came from Illinois. We all went out to some ridiculously expensive Katsuya Japanese restaurant. The poor cook got our order wrong and forgot to bring my boyfriend and me our soups and salads, so he gave us those after our main meal but to compensate, gave us super extra dessert. Yum yum yum mochi ice cream.

Friday, Day 1 - Woke up at 730 with Danny to go try and sell my chair. After that didn't work, I gave it to a homeless dude and went out to Denny's with friends at about 930. Yummm hash browns and pancakes. At about 1130 we came back to meet Danny in the dealer's room line where we left him. It was planned to opened at noon. The man didn't want to let us through even though we had been sitting there at 8 with Danny earlier. "Please, sir... I have food I have to give to my friend. He's been here all morning. ;___; " And so I was let in and Mark was denied. Poor Mark. But anyways. We were about 20th in the line of about a billion. Danny pulled me with him so I could go buy some doujin stuff. My favorite artist Blade, yayy! I got some Touhou stuff from Hendanei because it had a pretty covers but they ended up being futa. Uhhh. Oops oh well. At least the covers are pretty. Then went to see Yaya Han's Sociology of Cosplay panel with Mark. I love Yaya Han! She is my favorite cosplayer ever!! I bought her calendar and had her sign it and I was so super giddy. Also got my photo with her. My life is complete. Went back to the hotel and hung out. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen so we could watch Chris K and Danny try to down a ton of spicy sauce on their pizza. I then dressed up as Audino and wandered around the convention and everyone thought I was so super cute. Ohohoho~ We then went to the JAST panel. My first 18+ panel, hurray! Some jerks were pointlessly clapping in our row. Everyone wanted to punch them and I was about to tell them off but then the panel ended so yup okay.

Saturday, Day 2 - Wake up at 11ish? Fiddle around trying to get into Lilith. Go outside and get half way to convention center the long way before realizing I left my gloves at the hotel. I had already made my boyfriend miss his NicoNico meet up. D: "Boyfriend please please please go back to the hotel and get my gloves for me!" He's so kind. He came back in about 10 minutes. I wish people wouldn't have asked to take my photo when I didn't have my gloves, but I posed anyways. Religious protesters were everywhere and I was waiting for one to try and eat my alive. Nope. They wanted nothingggggg to do with me. I was terribly amused. So we wandered around the convention. Got lots of pictures taken. Went to the food trucks and got a super disappointing load of "chilli cheese fries," or rather, fries under a pile of ground beef with a bit of cheese melted on top. UNIMPRESSED. Don't ever order fries from the fry truck specifically at AX. It's too expensive and not qualified. (But "The Greasy Wiener," yes, I know, has the BEST fries. Their Bomb Fries are so good. Order those. Chili, cheese, bacon, and fries. Omg I died they were so good.)
Changed out of Lilith and we ate something for dinner. Probably Chinese food. Changed into my rave gear and had my friends drop me off in the rave line before they left to go to the eromanga panel. I made a bunch of friends at the rave/dance. I was really disappointed because the room was super small tiny. Why didn't they do it in the main events room? The line for the rave was HUUUGE yet they put it in such a small room? Also, they had no bathrooms in the room, so if you wanted to go to the bathroom, the chance of you getting back in was 0 because you had to get back in line. So I danced around for about 3 hours before I decided my need to pee outweighed my desire to dance and left around 1. Was mistaken as a go-go dancer a lot (yay~!) and sat around in the lobby and chatted for about a half our before I found someone headed back to the JW Marriott for me to walk with. I didn't want to walk by myself in LA at 130 in the morning in my outfit.

Sunday, Day 3 - Wore Audino around in the afternoon. It was very hot. Was handed a flier by the religious people and then was rudely told to go away. Hey religious protesters, more than half of the reason I don't want to join your church is because you guys all seem to be real dicks. I'll gladly respect your opinion about your faith as long as you're not jerks about it. Had the Bomb Fries I discussed earlier. Yum yum yum yum. Wandered around the dealer's room and got some stuff. Watched the X Game races and hot wheels loop-De-loop. Got a Yaya Han shirt. Some Pokemon stuff. I don't even go looking for Pokemon stuff to buy but I buy it anyways. I guess it's one of those addictions engrained into me. Went to the masquerade and was thoroughly disappointed in the costume quality and variety. I was impressed by the stage presence and the MCs kept things funny, but I'm disappointed I paid money to go see these costumes. ): But I had great seats. We also got to see the finalists of the AMV contest, which was really nice because AMVs was near impossible to get into, it sounded like. We also got a live performance from... the Japanese voice actor of Vegeta or something. We then were shown some super neat live-action made AMVs of cosplay stuff. I'll see if I can find some videos off YouTube to link. They were AMAZING! Packed up that night.

Monday, Day 4 - Finished packing up. Ran the dealer's room and merch booth for discount things. Got Volume 2 of DearS for $3. That was all they had left for DearS. I wanted to get the DearS and Parasite series but nope. We all ran back to the hotel, got our stuff together, boarded the Super Shuttle and went to the airport 3 hours early. We spent a lot of time in the airport playing "We didn't playtest this," which is a hilarious card game. We took out all the not airplane-friendly cards so we wouldn't be shouting "BOMB!!" in the airport. The flight was nice until we got to Denver and a giant thunderstorm popped up which turned out 2 hour flight into 3 hours as we circled around DIA before a bumpy and dizzying landing.

Overall I'm glad to be home. It was a ton of fun. I think the trip total cost me about $900? About $400 for the hotel, $200 for the airplane tickets, and then whatever money was spent on food and the dealer's room. But I think it was worth it. If I had time and money I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Please view some photos below. Click to expand (you might want to open them in a different tab).

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Early Summer 2012

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 9, 2012, 9:38 PM

I graduated on May 25, 2012.

Finishing an Audino costume in the style of a Kigurumi pajama thing.

I was commissioned for a set of Morrigan wings but my buyer backed out. The wings will be similar but even better! than my Lilith wings because it will be my second go round. If you would like to purchase the wings from me, I'm selling them for $100, not including shipping.



I've got some spare cash from graduation, so I may make a few silly costumes because I'm just awesome like that.

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Georgia Tech

Journal Entry: Thu May 3, 2012, 8:34 PM

Today I will illustrate my journal with images of logos relating to what I'm doing. So you don't have to read. Just look at images. Since I am slowly losing my ability to physically read due to my deteriorating eyes.

So I figure maybe I should tell you guys that I will be graduating from high school Friday, May 25. After I take my 7 AP exams these next 2 weeks.
AP Calc BC
AP Chinese
AP English Lit and Comp.
AP Physics C Mechanics
AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics

Whoo yeah!!

And then I will chill all summer. I'll be at Anime Expo this year, whoo!

And then in the fall I will start classes at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Georgia Tech. Go jackets!

I'm moving to Atlanta!

And that's about all that's been going on in my life. Went to the doctor today for him to tell me my eyes are way worse than what they were this time last year.
Been playing photo editing a lot lately. Just to say I can. I've gotten better at it. Some people criticize my airbrushing but I think that it looks really nice.You can tell its been altered, but it looks nice.

Sakura Haruno Costume for Sale

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 15, 2012, 3:11 PM

Not that anyone will want it, but I'm selling my Sakura Haruno cosplay from forever ago. It's pretty low quality so I'm selling it for cheap. Use it as a starting point and build up off of it, or use it as a 3D reference. Do whatever you want with it, I don't care.
I'm asking $12 if you're local, $15 if you're out of state.…

KONY 2012

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 6, 2012, 11:00 PM
  • Watching: Apocalypse Now

KONY 2012

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 6, 2012, 11:00 PM
  • Watching: Apocalypse Now

Regarding Macs vs PCs

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 24, 2012, 11:01 PM

1. Don't be a jerk about who owns what. Mac users who brag about it drive me crazy.

And that's really the only rule. Oh also.

2. If buying a Mac through Best Buy, their Black Tie Protection plan is totally worth it. Because apparently Macs don't like water--not even a little!

I accidentally spilled just a tiny bit of water on my Mac a week or so ago. I was studying for my physics exam ("Physics C!!!!!!!" she shouts dramatically into the sky.) and tripped while coming back with a cup of water and some of it splashed into the keyboard. Computer turned off and, well. Held it in a big saran-wrapped pan of rice for a day but the operating system seemed to have been fried.

That Black Tie plan covers me for a second battery and up to a full new laptop if they can't fix a broken one (they cover water-damage while normal plans do not.) But once they get you a new laptop, your plan becomes void and you have to buy a new warranty.
So my new laptop is in processing. I called ahead to make sure I could get my battery with my old plan before it cancelled itself. I'll probably splurge on a new copy of the Black Tie plan for this laptop so if I decide to give it a drink again...

The end.

Also. Wasabi in... soon. See you there.

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Oh You Snow

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 4, 2012, 8:48 PM

Maybe you saw the news reports about all the snow Denver was getting. And then the reports were interrupted by caucus news reports. Oh you presidents.
Living in Metro-Denver I feel obligated to write a report about the snow.
It wasn't that bad. It was just a really slow moving snow fall. I kept the weather map page open for the past 2 days. It updated itself automatically so all I did was watch it. From about 6pm Thursday to 3am Saturday morning (the last time I checked it) the map barely changed. Just a big green blob over Denver. Occasionally some yellow (heavier weather) spots would appear, but they were small and would disappear quickly. So it wasn't bad at all. It wasn't going sideways, like we so often see. The wind was minimal. Visibility was manageable.

I think I only got stuck three times. I didn't expect school closures so I left my text book at school. I had to drive to my friend's house to borrow his. I don't know the terrain too well in his neighborhood, and in an attempt to avoid colliding with an oncoming car, my wheels kinda slipped a little into a track that pulled the front ones down into a road-side ditch. Luckily some man had his truck out shoveling the snow and came to help me out.
On my way home, knowing that the road I usually take home has big ice issues when it's cold, I decided to go a different route home and got stuck. The roadway I turned into after a stoplight had quite a bit of mashpotato snow that took me hostage. I would have avoided it but there was a car on the left hand side of the road I turned onto, so I didn't want to hit it. I had to wait for the light to change so I could safely reverse back into the intersection and wiggle my way out.
I live in a hardcore suburban area so when the bulldozers plowed us out officially this morning, they shoved all the snow up along our houses so no one can get off their driveway. We dug out a hole, but in trying to get out, my wheels got caught in some super-slush. I had to go get the shovel and dig myself out. Blah.
But the driving was fine in itself.

It was just odd because we're usually dry all year and get our big dumps of snow starting in March and going until May-June. Getting anything so early as February is a bit out of order. I wonder what weather will be further on. Let's ponder.

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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 22, 2012, 3:20 PM

Also. Wishing to speak Japanese and speaking Japanese are two different things.

If you're like me you might spend your spare time thinking of amusing Facebook statuses to post.
I recently deactivated my Facebook for school reasons and I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out what to do with myself and all these Facebook statuses I've thought of.
I was debating on posting them to Twitter, but I have no followers, nor do I want to spam myself to try and gain any. Twitter stalking is silly.

However. My biggest trouble is that without Facebook, I don't really know how to contact any of my homework helpers.
So if you happen to be an electrical engineer, computer scientist, physics major, or someone with a degree/in college for advanced math, you should hit me up.
I have Skype and Gmail chat.


Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2012, 5:08 PM

So I'm all for the Chinese government doing whatever they wanna do over in China. China can do whatever it wants and I'm a proud supporter of Chinese culture and Chinese language and cool things and rulings and ideas that come out of China.

But this isn't about China.

If America censors the Internet... are we really free anymore? The Internet is the sole place that censorship should not apply to in regard to... well, anything. This isn't America if we don't have a free Internet. Nobody owns the Internet. If someone did, this would be different. But the Internet isn't owned by Fox or by Google or by the Washington Post. Everyone contributes to the Internet and no one has the right to shut that down since it was no one's to begin with.

I support stopping piracy (to an extent) but locking down websites is pretty ridiculous. User-posted content is not always the website's fault--it rarely is. What will happen to Facebook? To Google? Twitter? YouTube is already hacking out videos left and right for copyright issues, and some of that is understandable. But removing entire sites because someone posted a faulty link or wanted to share a cool new song they found.
Companies should be glad people are sharing this information. It's okay to share a song via radio but it's not okay to share a song via download, despite the same idea applying: one CD is purchased and the song is out for anyone who wants to hear it.
These music and video companies are gaining way too much power. I have a hard time posting my personal DDR videos with low quality audio of songs in them without getting in trouble. If I'm not profiting from a song (or video or anything,) I shouldn't be receiving harassing emails telling me I'm breaking big rules and that the cops are coming to get me.
But we can share lyrics and stuff all free of trouble, right? I'd be more concerned of people actually stealing my lyrics or music to make their own song more than people downloading my song.

Eh. I don't know much about how this whole copyright/piracy/lalala act is going on, but I do know that the end of a free Internet is the end of freedom of speech.

I'd rather see the resources allocated to stopping child pornography sites, pornography viewing by minors, and malicious virus websites. But maybe that's just me. I do have some morals after all.

And oh, for the record, the firewall in China makes the Internet insanely slow. Like, 20 minutes online to upload 2 photos to Photobucket. I'm not going to pay my Internet bills for that kind of service. I can only expect something similar to occur in America.

80+% of Americans have Internet access in their home. This doesn't just affect whites or blacks or gays or straights or Christians or any other group of individuals. This will impact 80+% of Americans.
"First world problems," I know. But if you're reading this, you're likely being impacted by these first world problems. No matter the problem, do you really want problems?

Seeing bad things occur without trying to stop them is as bad as doing the bad things yourself.

With that said, I'll be going offline tomorrow in protest of SOPA. I hope you all will join me.

MIT and Lilith Aensland

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 17, 2011, 6:02 PM

So MIT early action decisions came out today.
I was deferred. Not denied. Whoo! They'll get back to me in March on if they want me or not.
Either way, here is what I was thinking:
1. It depends on what other people are bringing to the table regular decision so I have to make myself look better than them.
2. To break it down, 11.32% were accepted, 21.77% were declined, and 62.1% were deferred. So cheering for being deferred is like cheering about getting into Mines (not a very big feat, in my opinion.)
3. However. That means I'm still qualified to compete in this game. I'm not done yet. (Which is why I am so excited. I was expecting a rejection.)
4. With that in mind, I figured this. In case MIT somehow links my online name to my real name (or any college, really) they'll end up here on my DeviantART to view my images. I originally withheld my Lilith cosplay photos to avoid offending any conservative evaluators of my potential future. But I did show my cosplay photos (including Lilith) to my college interviewers and they were very impressed. Lilith, along with Mr. Mushrooms, are probably my greatest costume-engineering feats. I'm defying gravity with Lilith (and heat strokes with Mr. Mushrooms...) If they see anything now, rather than being turned off to the idea of accepting me, they'd be more impressed. I'll have more to bring to the table. No, I can't play the violin, but I already have the ability for advanced problem solving and using resources to their max potential.
5. Also. My subscription is almost out, and I'm unsure if my photos will still be available for instant upload after it ends. So I might as well upload now.

In regards to photos:
Due to the mass upload right now, only one is edited for colors and such. I haven't had time to do the rest. (I also don't have a copy of Photoshop for my Mac.) Eventually one day I'll edit them to be fancier. One day.
All photos have been taken by the amazingly wonderful ~Hellsing577. She's super awesome and did free photoshoots to get herself out there into the anime convention photo scene. While she's charging now, it's definitely worth the money. She's wonderful to work with and is open to different ideas.
I plan on doing another photoshoot with my resident photographer ~Never Forget 22. Eventually some day. Perhaps to get some better scenery than a glass building. There isn't exactly a cemetery in the middle of the Denver Tech Center. But I've got other things that need to be done first.

Enjoy the photos. I apologize for the harsh light in many of them. Eventually it'll be fixed. Thanks for liking my costume. I loved wearing it. (Did not love the stitches I practically gave myself...)
Oh and to all the haters: It's practically the same as wearing a swimsuit but even less revealing because I was wearing opaque tights under them. I was wearing more clothes than the average high school girl. Chill.

Feet in the Air, Head on the Ground

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 5, 2011, 3:43 PM

I wanted a snow day today but didn't get one. High of 10F today, low of -7F.
Last Thursday the roads were absolutely horrible. Snow was dumping and wind was blowing. It took people who were 5 minutes away an hour and a half to get to school. But they didn't cancel it because the high school they call the snow days from that projects to the rest of the district is out across the damn about 25 minutes away, and with Colorado's amazing weather, we can take a beating on this side of town while not far away, weather is just dandy.
So many people got in wrecks trying to get to school on Thursday, people are debating on sewing the school district for not calling it.
This past weekend I participated in my school's craft fair with my chapter of NCHS. We sold the cutest little charms, phone charms, key chains, necklaces, bookmarks, and earrings. On top of that, we also made 600 something dumplings to sell, had a box and a half of Ramune, and a bunch of super cute little Korean pencils with various doo-dads on them (ramen cups, milk cartons, apples...)
Unfortunately, average middle-aged adults don't like cute Korean pencils or Ramune.
Our dumplings sold really well. We had to fight off everyone else selling food though. It worked well though. You could smell them cooking from down the hall, and we walked around giving out free samples. It worked really well.
I'm really upset that our charms didn't sell as much as we had hoped. We made a TON of them. I had been in the tech lab allll last week working on them. We have mirror and black acrylic that we used a laser cutter to cut and engrave them into cute shapes and with Chinese characters on them.
Since I did a lot of work for them and did a lot of beading on some, I was going to post a photo soon when I got the chance. We're selling them again starting Thursday out until next week Friday. The pencils will sell really well too. High schoolers like cute Korean pencils.

Oh. So I was browsing the DD's today and came across one that was pretty cute. Turns out, her whole gallery is pretty cute. Go check it out!
Go-go by Anvikit Stars by Anvikit Cadbury by Anvikit


Journal Entry: Wed Nov 2, 2011, 2:31 PM

done with applying to college.

Just in time for the snow day today. I feel like I am forever in debt to mother nature for allowing me to sleep my greatly needed 12 hours of sleep.

If I find myself colleging in Massachusetts, I won't receive snow days due to lazy schools, but due to snow-induced power outages that cause snow days because nobody is able to wake up because their alarm clocks don't go off. (I hope all my New England friends stay warm and safe. I hear UMass has their own power plant, so they have power. Go flock there. And Boston friends, huddle together. There's enough of you to keep warm, I think.)

If I find myself colleging in California, there will be no snow to give us snow days.
Earthquake days, maybe.

I've also (finally) been accepted into The School of Mines, (after they so graciously lost my transcript,) and offered a full ride and then some to the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa). Roll Tide y'all!

Now I've just got to spend an extra week trying to finish all my missing/late/sick work from the college back-up and the awesome illness I received just before fall break.

We didn't even have school and I was already behind again.

Wawawawa. One foot in front of the other. Gogogo!

I won a costume contest at the DDR tournament and won $30 and DDR II for the Wii, lol. I was dressed as a creative version of Lady Gaga.


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 7, 2011, 11:30 PM

Sometimes I creep on the Internet to see what past [art] students have been doing lately. Those who I find seem to have become very successful and probably enjoy creating their artwork to a great extent.
I just wonder if I'm doing the right thing in life. I hope I can find the right future before it's too late and I'm stuck with the one I have.

School is very hard lately.
Lots of homework. Lots of late nights. Lots of early mornings.
Physics is Challenge Mode. I'm remembering why I disliked it.
Calculus is easy so far. Knock on some wood for me.
Chinese is alright. We have some crazy improv project we have to do in a day or so. That's gonna be weird.

Economics is easy but the graphs are confusing. Everything makes sense without graphs. But when they introduce a graph that graphs a line that isn't even mentioned regarding the axis, that throws me off. (Displacement and time graphs always graph displacement over time. Price and quantity graphs plot demand, supply, and whatnot.) There's also various viewpoints you have to anchor yourself into.
If price goes up, quantity would go down; except that's wrong. If price goes up, that's the price the good is being sold for. In that case, the company will want to sell more, so they'll instead make more, so the quantity increases. But that's from the company's view.
As a consumer, if price goes up, you'll want to buy less, so they should make less... it's all rather... almost philosophical in a sense, hahaha.
But we're playing a year-long stock market game following real-time stocks. Whoever wins with the most money gets extra credit. Let's see if my money-savviness pays off.

College is frustrating.
I've applied to Mines under their Golden Scholar thing, so I'm a priority student on their list. (Shame I don't want to go there and it's not even... on my list of schools to go to at all. But it was free to apply and there were no essays/letters to submit.) I've also applied to University of Alabama, who's offering me a full-ride scholarship and then some. I'm thinking about them, but I can find absolutely nothing on their Chinese program, and all the staff from the school I talk to know nothing about it, either.

I'm applying to MIT, Stanford, and UMass soon. I keep getting stuff from Rose-Hullman but they offer only Japanese. So they're out of the picture. UMass is pretty much a guarantee. That's the school I don't want to go to, but I will if I have to, because they have everything I need.

I'm excited for MIT!

Oh. Wuthering Heights is an extremely uninteresting book. It reminds me of Great Expectations by Dickens. I would recommend avoiding it if possible. Both of those novels, actually. (Dickens, however, is a good writer, and that story just happens to be a blemish on his profile.)

Also, rest in peace, Steve Jobs. He revolutionized technology, I must say.
(However, I find it amusing whenever one sees the Apple logo, it implies elitist-ness and pure jerkiness. But when you pair it with a solo image of Steve Jobs, it seems very inspirational, artistic, and now nostalgic. Weird how that works.)

123456 DO IT!!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 17, 2011, 1:29 PM

I wanted to try a journal skin before my sub ran out. (My boyfriend got it for me as a Christmas gift but I didn't use it very much... I feel bad.) I WANTED to make pretty journal skins but I don't understand the system they use. I understand and know how to write CSS code but I don't understand the method of inputting it into the site. >>;;

So um. Guess what.
Seniors, 2012!

I'm currently on a rush of filling out college applications.  MIT is my main school. Stanford is my fall-back.
(Kinda not even joking.)
But I'm at a loss of what to write about for my essay. Ideas, please? Don't ask for the prompt. It really has none. So, an essay on anything. Max of 500 words, so a little over half a page, single-spaced.
I actually write like a beast... when I know what to write about. So yeah.

Also. NDK is very, very soon and my costumes are not done. FFFFFFFF
Lilith is maybe at like... I dunno. 75%? I've made the body-suit part and the main wings, but the wings are not yet attached to anything yet and are not finished at the top. I have boots to cover but I'm unsure of how to do that. (I'm using vinyl if I can help it. And if not, then pleather.) I have the wig that I need to attach head-wings too, which I haven't made because we're currently brainstorming how to do so. (But I know how to make the wing itself.) We were thinking magnets... perhaps. That probably will have to do, but I'd like to test them first, so I need to get my hands on some. (Hurray for engineering friends!) All the tights are in the mail. Well, 4 pairs, I think I got? My friend ~Kata so kindly linked me to We Love, with their very, very large collection of tights and the like, in 51 different solid colors alone, it's pretty awesome. A little expensive, but I purchased the medium durability ones (I think? I can't remember) so I would have a lesser chance of ruining them. They had them on back-order or whatever and so my shipment was delayed for a few weeks, but hopefully it will be here soon. I'd range September 1st? I also wish I knew how to wear contacts. I'd be the best Lilith everrrr. Maybe.
I want to make Suwako. I think I've got a stash of lavender fabric in my big boxes of fabric I've got laying around. Unfortunately, my Touhou-expert friend thinks that lavender isn't gonna cut it... he's probably right. So I dunno.
I also wanted to start my Cirno ballgown before school started, since I won't have time to breathe even. But the fabrics that I want that I'm gonna need like... 10+yards total, are all rather expensive (kinda.) Luckily, they're going on sale this Sunday for 50% off. Wow. So I'll have to start right as school starts. >_<;;

For those who are curious-
AP Calculus BC, AP Chinese 5, AP Physics C, AP Micro and Macro Economics, AP English Lit and Comp, aaaaand piano. xD
5 AP courses, 7AP exams at the end of the year. I wanted to take 10AP classes by the time I graduated, but this will have only been 9. But that's okay... it will have been 11 AP exams.

Recent life (and China) in photos, click to expand:

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So I came back from China this past Wednesday. 28 hours of traveling and it was still August 3rd.
I learned a lot, had a lot of fun, ate a lot of... creative dishes. Before we left my teacher told us all to pay extra attention in some of the cities because we may end up there in the future.

She was right.

I foresee myself leaving America for an extended period of time after/during college.

I'll say more on China with photos and stuff... I dunno when. But photos will come. My camera is absolute crap so we took it in and exchanged it today. I dunno when photos will be up. Eventually.

Onto the next order of business,
Rocky Mountain Fur Con!
Their website kind of gives me the creeps. As does the idea of people having relations with animals. But as many people know or should know, the term "furry" does not indicate that someone enjoys doing such things.
With that established, myself and *Blue-Storm-Spirit, my bigger twin, decided we would crash Fur Con for a few hours on Saturday. I was thinking 11 to 1ish?
I just want to wear Mr. Mushrooms around and I'm sure my bigger twin will be Fox McCloud.
That said, is anyone hitting up Fur Con? (Officially or crashing it.)

Also: whoever decided that having a fursuiting convention in August (in Colorado) is a good idea is stupid. This should be more of a mid-November kind of convention, considering we don't get snow then, but it's not over 100degrees without a cloud in the sky.
At least it's not humid. (Unlike China, 100+ degrees F and 80%+ humidity.)

So um. Keep on the look out for us? Let us know if you'll be there. Would love to meet up with someone to say hello so we simply don't just drop by, look around, and then leave.

Edit-- I FORGOT HOW TO MAKE ENTIRELY PROPER ENGLISH SENTENCES. So if my words seem a little twisted or something... oops.
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  • Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Copy pasting from my Yahoo Answers. Someone help me out please. <3

How do I remove newspaper stuck inside a sword sheath?
So here I am in China, two swords in hand, ready to fly back to America. But you know how airport security is. So I need to package these up to the max.

The first sword I figured that for extra safety, I would wrap in newspaper and then place it in the sheath and then wrap that up as well--bad idea on my part. The sword was a bit stuck so I pulled it out to see what the problem was. Part of the newspaper and packing tape I wrapped around the bottom of it got stuck inside the sheath.
On top of this I somehow decided that it would be a good idea to shove the sword in several times to attempt to chop up the paper. (Mind you, it's not a fancy sword. Just a touristy, minimally sharp sword.) Unfortunately, the sword was not sharp enough and ended up compacting the paper more.

My Chinese host sisters and I have tried all we can think of. We dumped water into it to attempt to loosen it (hot and cold.) We've attempted to pull it out with an unbent clothes hanger (we had considerable luck with this.) And we've tried attaching double-sided tape to said clothes hanger and trying to pull out the paper that way.

At this point, I can get most of the sword into the sheath with some shoving. Only a few centimeters remain outside the sheath. I'm alright with this if it's as good as I can get it, but if possible, I'd love to get all the paper and such out so I can put the sword in all the way.
I'm currently waiting for the water we put in earlier to dry and hopefully the paper will wrinkle due to the water and slide out.

(I fixed my errors with the other sword by deciding I'd just wrap it all in one piece. So that's all fine and dandy.)

Any ideas on what to do to get the paper out? The sheath is made of wood, so I don't want to put too much water in it to avoid molding and whatnot. I have to package it up by Thursday (that's Wednesday evening in America) at the latest.